Radical Equality: Dude, the Sex is Better

June 14, 2012

For the religious sex offender, or any believer who acts out sexually with affairs or other noncriminal forms of acting out, Sexual Futurist has hoped someone out there might develop a theology which helped integrate spirituality and sexuality.  Turns out, some one did.

Just Love, by Margaret Farley, a recently retired religious academic at Yale, was first published in 2006 but came under investigation…for its conciliatory views on masturbation, homosexuality and remarriage after divorce.”

The Vatican…declared that Farley’s book presented a “defective understanding” of church teaching….  Farley said…that her book was never intended to parrot official Catholic teachings on sexuality and instead sought to help them evolve, as with official views on usury and slavery.

…the controversy recalled a decree from the Vatican last month that the largest group of American nuns overhaul their organization because of “radical feminism.” 

So, American nuns are struggling to respond to this recent Vatican criticism of their “radical feminism” and their purported failure to sufficiently condemn such issues as abortion and same-sex marriage.  Turns out they are just too damn loving, too…Christ-like perhaps.  Just Love, meanwhile, has gone from 142,982 at Amazon to number 14 in just 48 hours.  None of us seem to be struggling to understand the Vatican’s denunciation of masturbation as “gravely disordered.”  Instead, we wonder how the Vatican got so crazy that they expect the rest of us to believe that popes, bishops and priests don’t masturbate.

But what about “radical” as in radical feminism?  Essential to radical feminism  is its focus on the future, especially the future of reproductive rights as understood in 1984 by Lisa Tuttle,

“To be realised, reproductive freedom must include not only woman’s right to choose childbirth, abortion, sterilisation or birth control, but also her right to make those choices freely, without pressure from individual men, doctors, governmental or religious authorities. It is a key issue for women, since without it the other freedoms we appear to have, such as the right to education, jobs and equal pay, may prove illusory.” 

How can this not be true?  If I am not allowed control over my own body I cannot be said to have freedom or equality.  For sexual futurists this freedom lays the foundation of genuine partnership between two equals; certainly no man worthy of the name would accept less for his sister, daughter or mother.  Anything less than equality reduces women to merely talented animals with whom hetero men have sex.  The heart of radical feminism: radical equality. Come reason with us.

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5 Responses to “Radical Equality: Dude, the Sex is Better”

  1. Brian H. says:

    I am gay and Catholic. I accept the Church and it’s teachings as I accept being gay. If you don’t like being gay, tough luck. If you don’t like what the Church says about homosexual behavior and masturbation, join another religion. I finding it interesting you nash your teeth at the Church’s teaching but overlook the fact that over half of the worlds AIDS hospices are run by the Catholic Church. As for the Nuns they chose the join the clergy, and if they are not prepared to live by its rules they are free to leave, Catholicism is a choice.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for writing. Not really gnashing our teeth here but you’re right, there is some criticism of Vatican thinking. Is the Vatican above questioning? Has it never changed its positions? Celibacy is still relatively new as an invention of the Vatican, for example. It seems to Sexual Futurist that when the Vatican sets itself up as a political state that it can be judged as any other state. It also seems that when the Vatican gets involved in the political arena that it risks getting into the same free-for-all debating of its positions. In any case, simply because the Vatican announces something–that doesn’t make it true AND when a nun shares HER thoughts and identifies them as such, it doesn’t mean she’s talking officially–she still has the right to think. When the Vatican makes a statement that applies to all humanity, well then we all have a right to jump in. For example: “Masturbation is a grave disorder.” That’s clinical talk and it is incorrect, irrational and has nothing to do with the church–it has to do with all of us and the thinking of the men in Rome.

  3. Brian H. says:

    “Is the Vatican above questioning?” How can you ask such a thing!?

    Of course we are free to question and debate ideas and to hold or change any opinion we please. But, we are not free to compel others to agree with us. The Catholic Church is a corporate entity, meaning that it has sovereignty over its self. It is free to set its own rules and requirements for membership.

    Sadly I am probably the person least qualified to explain and defend Church teachings but here goes. Masturbation is using sex for self gratification only, and is there for disordered. Wanting to masturbate is NOT disordered, nor is being gay, or having lustful thoughts, or anger, and so on.

    But, using masturbation as a substitution for normal sexuality (with in the context of the sacrament of marriage) is considered gravely disordered. Now, this is the ACT its self not the person doing it. If you are a Catholic and you like to pound one out then you need the sacrament of reconciliation, confession is herd on Saturdays and Tuesdays and Mass is at noon everyday. If you aren’t Catholic, God love you and you are free to do as you please but please don’t waist your time trying to change things you don’t fully understand.

    My explanation of Church teaching is rudimentary so please don’t take it as catechesis ’cause it ain’t.

  4. Brian H. says:

    The last line should read: “but please don’t waist your time trying to change things you may not fully understand”

    I don’t fully understand most Church doctrine, so I shouldn’t be trying to sound like I am some kind of expert ’cause I ain’t.

  5. admin says:

    No one is trying to compel anyone here Brian. It’s a discussion, not extortion. Check out the latest blog (which is on masturbation AND inspired by your post at FB). When the Vatican (not the church) tries to control everyone, when it becomes a political agent then it is a fair target for everyone.

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