Theocracy Inherently Cruel

July 9, 2010
  • Does any religion really define human sexual needs?

  • Would you want a religious leader telling you when and with whom you could be sexual?

  • Doesn’t seeking political power always corrupt faith?

How would you like to put this guy in charge of your sex life? Governments run by religions often seem at the time to be a good idea to believers. Then, whatever seed of genius that began the faith mutates into a moral police state like sexual hall monitors with whips. The faith loses credibility and people lose faith in the devolution from veneration to terror. Iran is the best example so far, having lynched, whipped and stoned more people than anyone has seen in centuries–all in the name of a compassionate god. When it comes to sexuality, what government do you want to be looking over your shoulder?

The most recent theocratic travesty involves a mother who was arrested for adultery many years ago. She has been incarcerated, received 99 lashes and is now on the fast track to a date with a lot of people holding rocks the size of a man’s fist. The recent CNN story introduces us to Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. She’s already spent five years in prison for her sexual crime. She is 43 years old and she has two children whose open letter is on the CNN video.

What the sexual futurist community understands is that this is not about political repression; it is about using political power for sexual oppression–a far more comprehensive form of control for people who might otherwise make choices for themselves. Whether Ashtiani is guilty or not of the offense is not the issue for the sexual futurists of this world; what we take issue with is whether any government has the right to punish adults for merely being sexual with other adults.

As the National Iranian-American Council noted, stoning is not even a part of the Koran. Other critics have noted that stoning is cruel and a violation of human rights. Arsalan Iftikhar, an international human rights lawyer, is one such critic–but he misses the theocratic closed feedback loop. If I’m a true believer, the UN’s telling me that my god is cruel simply means that the UN no longer is credible since it contradicts known religious truth. The UN is irrelevant since my faith tells me that “God is Compassionate.” Obviously to the believer, the UN is not to be believed. For the believer, faith trumps secular announcements every time.

People need faith in a community that is not afraid to speak up for them and their sexual rights. We all need to stand together because our sexual rights are the most human of all our rights. Join us. Forward this post to others. Sign our petition and then, come reason with us.


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